History of the chateau

The Vítkovice Chateau was built in 1847 according to the project from the builder Anton Kraus as the residence of central directors of the Vítkovice ironworks. The castle was known in the past as Central Haus, Vítkovice ironworks chateau (Vítkovický železárenský zámeček) or according to the then-owner of the Ironworks Rotschild´s chateau (Rotschildův zámek).

The position of this empire chateau in the mid of the huge industrial complex is unique. On these places the directions of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and Czechoslovakia were decided. The personalities of the cultural life from the whole Europe wre changing in the chateau, the political leaders of Europe were dealing here about the strategic businesses.

This positive role of the chateau ended in 1939, from that time the look of the chateau was affected by insensitive architectural interventions, gradually leading to its complete devastation. The object was practically deleted from the historical memory of Ostrava´s citizens.

The reconstruction of the chateau was begun by the employees of the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP who earned the proper approval of all objects till end of the year 2009 and that the opening ceremony was held on the 1st May 2009.

The purpose of the reconstruction was to restore the original character to the chateau and to build the corresponding office premises. Nowadays, the chateau is the representative residence, it hosts a collection of art and the interior design allows the organization of a wide range of social events on the turnkey basis.

VÍTKOVICE CHATEAU - Originall spaces for Your events

Provozovatel je společnost: CYLINDERS HOLDING a.s, Výstavní 81/97, CZ 703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice, IČ: 01782924.